About Us

Since 2003 PBTMarketplace has served the pet industry by providing the best possible service for buying and selling your pets. By automating middleman services we have saved breeders and retailers millions of dollars over using traditional broker services.


Using a simplified and intuitive interface, pet breeders can easily market their pets to hundreds of retail stores across the US. This puts more control and more opportunity where it belongs - in the hands of the people who raised the pets.


Similarly, pet retailers can choose the right pet for their store in the most transparent and simple way possible. View pictures, sire and dam info, vaccination records, seller reviews, and much more for every pet you order.

This is a service that has been highly developed over many years according to the needs of pet professionals. We have a reputation for providing the best and most intuitive technology, paired with the best transportation services, and honest and fair customer service to help you every step of the way.