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Breeder Warranty
  • The animal must be examined by a licensed DVM.
  • You must contact breeder as soon as the problem is found.
  • A clear copy of Vet statement including his name and phone number and diagnosis, treatments and any lab results must be sent to breeder.
  • In case of death all registration paper and pedigrees must be returned.
  • At the breeder's discretion an animal maybe replaced with another for the same amount or sends the purchase price to the store. This must be done in a timely manner; claims must be fulfilled within 30 days.

10 Days no death.

  1. Death from Parvo-this must be lab confirmed
  2. Death from Distemper-this must be lab confirmed
  3. Death from Internal Parasites-this must be lab confirmed

1 Year congenital

  • This issue covers issues existing from birth.
  • The warranty covers from the date you receive pup to 1 year.
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